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Am I Eligible to Enroll in the Student Health Plan?

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CESL Students: Please contact the CESL office for enrollment and/or benefit questions.

Students in a distance learning program are not eligible for OU student health coverage.

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If you do not want the Student Health Plan, you must decline or opt-out of coverage by submitting a waiver. You may only opt-out of coverage during the following Waiver Periods:

International Students

CESL Students

International Waiver Requirements

International students are automatically enrolled in the SHP. All international students are required to maintain coverage that meets the minimum requirements of their visa and complies with the requirements of the ACA. The OU SHP meets all these requirements.

Question 1 - Does my plan meet at least one guideline?

International Students may be granted a waiver from enrolling in the OU SHP for any semester that the student:

  1. Is eligible for, and enrolled in, the OU employee group health plan, or other employer sponsored ACA compliant group health plan.
  2. Provides evidence that he or she is eligible for, and enrolled in, ACA compliant individual coverage purchased through the Exchange (, or other ACA compliant individual coverage purchased from an insurance carrier that is based in the United States.
  3. Provides evidence that the student is eligible for, and enrolled in, coverage that is backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the exchange visitor's home country and is provided through an ACA compliant plan or policy in writing in English,
  4. Is sponsored by the US government or other sponsoring entity that has guaranteed payment of all the student's medical expenses, and repatriation and evacuation expenses.
  5. Documents must be written in English and reflect U.S currency ($)
  6. Is enrolled exclusively in distance learning classes at the university.

If the answer is YES, please proceed:

Question 2 - Does my plan meet all of the requirements?

Health care coverage for International Students must meet the ACA requirements for MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage). Such Coverage must provide, at a minimum:

  1. MEC as required by the ACA with no annual or lifetime limits,
  2. No exclusions for pre-existing conditions,
  3. Preventive care and women's health care as required by the ACA covered at 100%,
  4. An annual deductible not greater than $500,
  5. Coinsurance that does not exceed 30% of allowable charges under the plan,
  6. Policy must include a list of the exclusions,
  7. Policy must be in English,
  8. Policy must be in US dollars, and
  9. International Students must also maintain coverage for repatriation of remains to their home country and medical evacuation to their home country. The benefit for repatriation may not be less than $25,000, and the benefit for medical evacuation may not be less than $50,000.

Note: Short-term Limited Duration plans (sometimes referred to as "travel plans"), or other similar health plans created for the purpose of providing coverage to International Students or non-immigrant visa holders, do not meet the requirements for International Students health coverage.

If the answer is YES, please proceed:

IMPORTANT: Please have the following documents on hand before you begin the application process.

  1. A copy of your insurance card front/back
  2. A copy of your insurance policy summary

If you answered "YES" to the above questions, please click the appropriate link to submit your waiver request.


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International Claim Form - Used to submit claims for benefits for covered services received outside the United States

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